Why Most Adult Gyms Suck

Why we started Adult Gymnastics Training?

After retiring from gymnastics in our late teens and early 20’s we started training at “adult gyms.” They look something like this:

But in our minds, a gym and training should look something like this:

It was so difficult to accept that training now meant running, stepping away on the machines until enough calories ticked over! Why should this be the choice of exercise to so many people when it is boring and nowhere near as effective as gymnastics training.

Using your body weight for resistance training and cardio is extremely effective, functional and a lot of fun.

We wanted to create a program that we believed in, train the way we love to and feel is most effective. Along the way we started Personal Training and CrossFit which organically brought many adults to us for gymnastics coaching. 

When someone asks what we do for work and we say we train adults in gymnastics their eyebrow raise and say “wow that’s interesting…I didn’t know that was a thing”

We whole heartedly believe in what we do. Below is a short list of some significant benefits a gymnastics program develops, which many other fitness programs don’t.

Explosive power
Mental stimulation
And the list goes on…

If we value the development of all things so highly for kids, why do we not do that same for adults.