What Does An Ideal Training Week Look Like?

We spend so much time thinking about what we should do, what we would like to do and far less time actually doing it. Which is exactly why a training week should be planned out well in advance.

Your perfect training week lies within your goals (weight loss, muscle gain, toning, strength, skills) your strengths, weaknesses, past injuries and how are you tracking in relation to your goal. However, there are FOUR main elements of fitness which are important for almost all adults when it comes to training.

Female gymnasts completing training plan. V snaps.

Training Flexibility

With the lifestyle most of us lead, flexibility gradually deteriorates as we age and move less. If you are sitting at a desk for the bulk of your day your joints are not moving anywhere near their full range of motion, let alone building any strength. When we refer to flexibility or mobility we are talking about the ability to move through full range of motion and have strength in end ranges. Flexibility is essential for almost EVERYONE.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Getting your heart rate up helps to improve heart and lung function, as a result helping you live longer. This can be long and low intensity, high intensity interval training and circuits. We like to apply a lot of bodyweight movements as well as free weights to improve gymnastics skills with our memebers. If life longevity is not enough of a motivator for you, you can alway focus on those feel-good endorphins you’ll get every time.

Strength Training

Resistance training is a must for all adults, for managing body composition, joint strength, maintain muscle mass. To be strong, fit for whatever you want to do with your life. A lot of our skill training ticks this box too, you can’t learn skills without true body weight strength.


Training for balance, body awareness, coordination. Many don’t realise how important this is until they reach their later years and are at risk of falling over and breaking a hip. Imagine if your grandparents had better balance, body awareness, coordination. Skill training is also fun, it will keep you going far longer than any 12 week health kick will. You will be proud of your results and it’s a journey you will remember forever because you worked your butt off for it.

We believe a perfect program contains all of these elements. While each individuals’ background and needs vary significantly, the balance will lie in there somewhere.


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