Some Of The Best Fitness And Nutrition Advice From The Experts

Fitness advice from fitness professionals.

Learning from your own mistakes is one of best teachers you will ever have. Being “self taught” in some area’s can be a gift and a valuable introspective process,


We don’t have time to make every mistake under the sun for every thing we are trying to learn. We also have to learn from each others’ mistakes. We have to be opened minded, find mentors and ask good questions.

The below is some of the fitness advice from the best trainers in Sydney. They share their advice based on a mistake they used to make in the past for themselves or with their clients to save you time.

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Kat Jacob: Coach Dalecki Strength GYMNASTICS

You don’t have to smash yourself and walk out in a puddle of sweat to have had a good session. Leaving your ego at the door is key, especially when it comes to avoiding injuries.

When it comes to skill work, it is never worth trying to skip ahead. You need to build a solid foundation first, if you don’t you will find yourself back at the foundations a little further along any way. Patience is key as it’s a long journey!

Melanie Corlett: Owner Treign Fitness Paddington

Looking back at the last 7 or so years, the biggest “mistake” I made was thinking I needed to train at 100% effort 5-6 sessions (60 – 90 minutes each) a week “NO MATTER WHAT” to sustain my fitness. I underestimated the value of lower-intensity steady-state movement, like walking. I now train 3-4 times a week, sometimes for only 15 minutes a session. I incorporate way more time for simple, low-impact movement (and being outside in nature!) into my week. I prioritise sleep & recovery and if I’m feeling slightly run-down or low on energy – I don’t train! In the past I would have classified that as “no discipline” I now understand it as body wisdom!

Nick Papastamatis: Balance Health and Performance

Personally, I have had plenty of niggles and injuries through sport. I overused certain areas and often in ways which weren’t technically correct. As time went on, I started to avoid exercise whenever I had pain.. This couldn’t have been a bigger mistake. Pain, injury and developing niggles are a natural consequence of growth. As you grow and develop parts of your health, it will expose areas that need attention. I’ve realised through my own experience and through the experience of helping patients with injury – that pain can be viewed as your brain’s natural warning system to let you know that the area needs attention – NOT a reason to stop everything.

3 things pain could mean: 1. You’ve overused an area 2. You need to improve how to control an area 3. The exercise is too hard for the tissue to tolerate It goes without saying – if you have pain – consult your trusted Chiro or Physio. However, it doesn’t always mean you’re ‘injured’. It often just means you need to keep getting better but in a different way.

Peta McDonald: Coach Treign Fitness Paddington

Training everyday won’t get you there faster… In fact it will probably even hinder your progress. When I first started training I had the understanding that I’d get results quicker if I worked out more and thought more was always better. Different people can handle different volumes of training, so figuring out how much you can recover from is really important. I now make sure I move everyday but as for training sessions it’s around 4/week.

Holly Edstein- Nutrition advice from a SPORTS Dietician

“I now focus a lot more on the whole person. While I use high-quality scientific evidence to form the basis of my practice, the intervention I advise is always tailored to be feasible and sustainable for the individual’s context. I strive for dietary relevance, not perfection.”

In other words, there is no perfect diet. My advice is to stop searching for one. Instead search for a nutritious and sustainable approach to food that maximises health and performance.

Hassan Abdallah: Owner CrossFit Volume

Your training expectations need to be inline with your current physical and mental state. Set realistic goals around the amount of time you have to train and what your body allows you to put in. You will gain far more satisfaction by placing the right training expectations on yourself.

Shaun Diachkoff: Co Owner Accelerate Strength

While goals will motivate you to be better, it’s your actions that will help you achieve your goals. All too often I hear people say they want to lose weight or to get better at a particular skill. However the reality is their daily routine is not in line with reaching these goals. They want some sort of weight loss goal yet they keep eating the same. Or they want to get better at pull ups and they haven’t done the daily homework required for weeks… If this is you I say take a step back and assess whether you actions are in line with your goals because only then will you achieve them!

Matt Williams: Co Owner Accelerate Strength

The number one thing I have learnt over the past 20 years as an adult and what I love to pass onto others who are feeling lost, stressed, distracted or just a little scattered is to.. Just breath…. “The simple things are the most extraordinary, only the wise can see them” – The Alchemist

Lochie Simpson: Head Coach Creature Fitness

You will never be able to do more work in one day than you will be able to do in a week/month/year. Play the long game, focus on consistency, sustainability and reap the rewards. There is no “magic” exercise program, the magic is in finding something that you enjoy and will be able to maintain as a long term practice, whether it be yoga, gymnastics, CrossFit, tennis etc.

Joey Worthington: Co Owner Jungle Brothers Strength & Movement

When starting out, enjoy the linear gains, but know that’s it not gonna last. Once the honeymoon period is up and you’ve established a solid training base, your progress will take a much more convoluted path and at times along that path, you’ll feel like you’re going backwards. Manage your expectations, commit to the process, and know that in the long run you’re progressing as fast as you can.

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