Gymnastics Strength Training for Adults

Learn Gymnastics and Calisthenics from scratch as an adult. Handstands, rings, flexibility, acrobatics, personal and strength training. Beginners welcome.
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Gymnastics Strength Training for adults.

Semi private classes get body confident and learn impressive skills

Love Training Again with Gymnastics.

Most gym routines are boring when you're repeating the same uninspiring exercises day in and day out.

Dalecki Strength delivers inspiringexciting and flexible Gymnastics Training for Adults, where every session feels like play.

Learn calisthenics, handstands, flexibility and build a gymnast's physique. Small group classes and personal training.

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Life's too short to never find out the potential of your body.

Stop being held back by uninspiring fitness methods tailored to the masses.  Get strength, skill and physique goals by working closely with expert coaches. We will save you time and money by using the most effective training methods to accelerate your results.


Calisthenics student

Justin Best

"I started gymnastics at 46. I had a goal to improve my false grip strength as I was doing CrossFit at the time. Since then I have achieved more than simply improving my grip. I can now do a freestanding handstand consistently for 10-15 sec and a slow and strict muscle up! Prior to training at Dalecki I believed this was impossible.

Apart from skills, my range of motion has improved through my shoulders, thoracic and wrists. This is really important because it helps to prevent injuries and just move better.

I’ve been in team sports my whole life and when selecting somewhere to train, it comes down to the specialized coaching. The coaching team have spent years developing their own skills, so when you come to class you always have an experienced coach. I take skill and strength classes as well as a weekly personal training session.

The culture at Dalecki Strength is supportive and friendly, with the facility being the best available in Sydney."

Rob picture

Rob d'Apice

I've been doing a combination of small group classes and private personal training at Delecki.

Since joining, the flexibility gains have been the most surprising - I can now easily get into a back bridge, and I find it easier to play with my kids and just sit on the ground comfortably. I can hold a freestanding handstand for a minute and my shape is so much straighter, and I've learnt a bunch of new skills - handsprings, front tucks and strict muscle ups.

I'm in the best shape of my life. But best of all - I just really look forward to working out!”

Personal Training

Kara McCloy

"I started gymnastics at age 30 and have seen significant improvement in three areas. Shoulder strength, endurance and overall flexibility.

Gymnastics isn’t about lifting the heaviest or moving the fastest, it’s about patience and taking the time to really develop the foundational skills. I enjoy that it has made me slow down with my training and really consider how well my body moves.

My favourite classes are flexibility, rings and handstands. I take these classes in small groups as well as regularly checking in with a dalecki strength personal trainer.

The best thing about Dalecki Strength is there is something for everyone. No matter what level, from beginner to advanced, there is something challenging and fun here for you."

We don't just care
about training.

We care about your achievement.

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We won't throw you in the deep end.

We start you off with a personal training session making sure we understand your goals and introduce to gymnastics training.

You won't get lost in a sea of people.

Small group classes get the best results. You will receive personal coaching and attention in each skill class.

Avoid years of frustration.

We have proven methods of teaching adults calisthenics, rings and handstands from scratch. Don't waste time making avoidable mistakes.


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Beambod: where online training meets gymnastics

Follow our workouts virtually, flexibility, handstands and gymnastics rings.

Tailored personal training

Unlock your ultimate goals FAST. Learn front splits, middle splits, back bridge, muscle up, handstands, stalder press and more. Any skill you can imagine can be unlocked with individualised planning.

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Dalecki Strength took its first steps in 2014 When Ev and Kat, like most in Sydney, found themselves in the rut of the corporate world. Choosing to abandon this lifestyle, they started a fitness business to reach out to you and to transform your lives through gymnastics.


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