What can you learn from the Dalecki sister’s combined 7 Regionals experiences?

Collectively, the Dalecki Sisters have competed at the CrossFit Regionals 7 times.

2012 CrossFit Sydney 30th
2013 Reebok CrossFit GCS 18th
2015 Team Creature 15th

2013 Team Reebok CrossFit GCS 18th
2014 Individual CrossFit Creature 16th
2015 Team Creature 15th
2016 Individual CrossFit Creature 25th


Every season of competition is unique and has its own twists and turns along the way. The one thing that remains unchanged every time is, you come out of it a better person, because you will have learnt lessons about yourself and how you respond to challenges. 

Here is what Kat learnt from her first Regionals experience.
You can’t hide from anything and you need a coach.
We often focus on skills and movements that come up on a regular basis, squats, toes to bar, cleans etc. We sometimes avoid things that just don’t come up very often, we are not so good at or we fear.
In my first Regionals experience, I was absolutely crushed by a heavy ass DB snatch. It was 2012 and 32.5kg DB snatches were almost never programmed for women in our regular CrossFit sessions.  After Regionals, I was pretty content with thinking to myself that I will never have to face them again.. So I ignored them and got away with it for a few years!!

But then..

A few years later I was training for Regionals again with a new team and new coach and I was forced to face this movement, 3 times per week. My coach knew me well and had realised I was avoiding something. He helped me to overcome it.

This made me realise there is always going to be a period of frustration and struggle before you get comfortable with a difficult movement. I realised how important it was to have a coach to help guide my training and plan a strategy
Everyone needs a coach!! Even the coaches!!

Here is what Ev learnt from her team experiences

As much as you might like to think you have a good chance of predicting which movements are likely to come up at Regionals, there are always surprises. Lets say you spend all year perfecting your pull ups in your most comfortable environment, on your favourite pull up bar in the gym, the one that’s not too high or too low. There is no doubt that you will make progress like this.


Then HQ releases the Regional events and you have a team workout thrown at you where you will have to synchronise your chest to bar pull ups with a partner. A male partner, twice the height of you, on a bar so high you can barely even jump to it. Then perhaps your partner prefers kipping pull ups instead of butterfly but you have perfected your butterfly style pull up all year. 


You realise that you will be limited by your ability to adapt. Not by the effort that you have put into your skill training. 

My main take away was, as much as specific skill practice is important and valuable, you also need to focus on movement so that you can flow, make adjustments and adapt to what ever circumstances you find yourself in. 

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