How To Survive The Dreaded Training Slump

Sticking to a fitness regime can be hard, right?

If it’s something you don’t enjoy and feel obliged to do, its more than hard. Its almost impossible.

Goals, needs and priorities change over time and so should your training.

At Dalecki Strength over the past couple of weeks we’ve honed in on this. We shared our own experience in the natural cycles of training, where peaks and troughs are normal, as are levels of high and low motivation. Check out our video “Moving on from CrossFit” and see you if you can relate.

We set our personal training goals, and shared them on social media. They aren’t perfect because they aren’t meant to be on day 1. They are meant to be challenging!

We then took every member through a personal goal setting session, taking video’s of their current strength, flexibility and skill levels. This will give them something to track their progress against and keep them focussed on quality movement rather than more reps!

We have a few questions for you;

Do you need something that will challenge you physically, mentally or both?
What do you really want to get out of your training?
Do you want to build strength, fitness, flexibility?
Do you simply want to look and feel good?

In their attempt to achieve these outcomes, people often opt into going for a run, or joining a gym which they have to drag themselves to daily.

Wouldn’t it be easier to find something you ENJOY even LOVE and look forward to doing every single day?

You are capable of learning new things, sports or skills.

Here is our 5 step plan

1. Decide on what it is you really want to learn or try. If you need a friend to join you set a date and book a time to check it out.

2. Understand “why” you want this goal. Is it because you want to feel good? You admire others that can do it and want to feel badass doing it too.

3. Tell someone about your goal, a training buddy, your coach or parter. This is extremely powerful, ask them to check in with you to see how you’re tracking.

4. Measure your goal. We love photos or videos at Dalecki Strength Gymnastics and so do our members.

5. Dedicate at least 10min a day to that goal.

Thinking about gymnastics but not sure if it’s for you? Book your complimentary obligation free consult where we’ll discuss your goals.

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