The One Mistake Robbing You Of Your Progress

99% of our members questioned whether they were ready to start gymnastics training with us.

The questions running through their heads were:

  • am I too old to start?

  • am I fit enough?

  • am I strong enough?

  • should I start once I get my first pull up? the list goes on…

If you’re interested in gymnastics as your style of training, chances are: the “regular gym” is just not your scene, you really care about improving your body, feeling good, mobile, strong and you dream of learning cool things with your body

We have people starting at 55, 38, 26 and 13 years of age. Believe it or not, every one of them had that moment of doubt where they thought they were too old, not strong or flexible enough . When I was 12 years old I also thought I was too old…obviously I laugh at that now as I continue my gymnastics journey at the age of 33.

So here is the mistake, why are you choosing to start tomorrow or one day in the future when you are stronger? Gymnastics is what makes you stronger! You can start in your lounge room, the park, an adult gymnastics studio?

We encourage all of these, provided you have something to follow and a way to stay accountable. Almost every one of our members does strength and flexibility classes as well as skill or fitness to ensure their program is well balanced for gymnastics training.

Here is this weeks body weight workout to kick you off:

2 min on/1 min off (18 mins) ⁣

Jump lunge ⁣

Push up ⁣

V tuck⁣ ⁣

Rest 3 mins⁣ ⁣

10 mins consistent pace for quality ⁣

Overhead sit up 10 reps⁣

Candlestick to straight jump 10 reps⁣

Bunny hop 10 reps⁣

Insight into a Dalecki Strength Gymnastics Handstand class