How Gymnastics can help combat desk job afflictions

It’s a well known fact that Gymnastics is great for children, but what about adults? We’ve seen hundreds if not thousands or adults benefit from gymnastics training and here is why.

Gymnastics can can combat all the desk job afflictions, and trust us, there is a long list of them.

  • Sore stiff wrists 

  • Shoulders rounded forward 

  • Neck tightness 

  • Lower back pain 

  • Weak glutes 

  • Tight hips

  • Weak feet (from office shoes) 

  • Tight ankles

Let’s dive into a few of them and discuss how a basic gymnastic class can help. 


Wrists are used all day every day for pretty much everything you do in and out of the gym. We tend to under value the health of our wrists until we feel pain and then every day tasks are difficult. Like moving a frying pain or getting dressed.

90% of your day is spent typing, texting or writing. You are under pressure to work harder, faster and longer hours then ever before. After a while you might notice your forearms start to tire and your wrists just don’t move into the ranges that they used to. 

Wrist stretching and strengthening is a part of the warm up in every single gymnastics class. You learn to control a rotating motion of the wrist, stretch the wrists in extension and flexion then strengthen them by progressively building up to supporting your body weight on your hands. 

This starts with things like front support hold, rear support holds and builds into handstands once you are strong enough. 


No matter how many posters are taped up around the office about “correct sitting posture” the reality is that sitting at a desk typing for 8 hours is too long and no body can maintain an ideal, ergonomic posture for that amount of time. 

The best thing you can do to take care of your shoulders is to work on mobility, stability and strengthening.

Having a gymnastics goal immediately ensures that you will be working on posterior strengthening work because without it you will never be able to achieve any of the basics in gymnastics like a pull up or handstand.

In our classes we do a lot of posterior shoulder strengthening which helps to balance out problems associated with a forward slouching posture. 

Here is an all in one bang for your buck exercise to try that doesn’t require any equipment. 

You can even do this one in the office if your boss is okay with it.

Swimmer exercise


Gymnasts build strength from the inside out which is a different approach than you see in typical gym training. 

The core refers to the mid section of the body but stems from your shoulder blades, down your spine and includes the glutes. This is why core exercises should include curls, extensions, lateral flexion, twists as well as exercises supported by your shoulders.

Learn to fall 

You may not really think about the benefit of this until you or someone you love falls unexpectedly. If you do not have the reflexes, strength and awareness to be able to catch yourself a little trip over a curb can have serious consequences for you, especially as you get older. 

Learning and practicing to fall will pay off for you in the long term. Imagine having the confidence to safely roll forwards, backwards, bail out of a handstand, get down and back up off the floor with no trouble at all. 

Ready to see what Gymnastics can do for your body?

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