Bullet proof your wrists

If you are interested in gymnastics, there is a very high chance that you have a goal related to to handstand and the muscle up. 

In which case, your wrists will need attention in terms of mobility and strength. 

The handstand requires really good extension of the wrist (think pulling your fingers back towards your face)

The false grip in the muscle up good flexion of the wrist (think pointing your fingers down towards the floor when arms are outstretched in front of you. 

Both of these need to be done without compensation from the elbow.

Basic care for the wrists, that you can do any where.

  1. Rotate your wrist in slow controlled circles, exploring the outer edges of your range of motion. You can do this as your very first warm up drill but we also recommend making a habit of doing this all throughout the day. While you are watching TV, sitting at traffic lifts and at your office desk as you wrists, hands and forearms tire from typing. 

2. Extension 
Wrist extension rocks + active lift offs

3. Flexion 

Back of the wrist stretch & make a fist

4. Supination & Pronation on floor. 

Hold you arm out in front of you with a straight elbow. Rotate from the elbow joint in pronation and back to supination. Try to keep the shoulder still.

Additional exercises if you have equipment available

Build your hanging ability on the bar in both supination (palms towards you) and pronation (palms away from you).

A strong hold is 60 seconds unbroken.

Rope climbs

Once you are competent and pain free in the above, learning and practice rope climbs are an absolute must for overall wrist strength, grip strength and pulling strength. 

We cover all of these and so much more in our handstand, strength and flexibility classes.

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