Bodyweight Strength Training you can do at home

All you need is the floor to give yourself the best workout, build true bodyweight strength.

Just because we can’t go to a gym right now, does not mean we can’t build strength and workout your full body. Sure having some equipment is nice, but it’s not essential and there is a LOT you can do with no equipment.

We’re going to show you a perfect workout to do at home with just your floor space. You can start building your bodyweight strength building your base for gymnastics and calisthenics as well as general fitness.

Warm-up and strength exercises

Scap push up

Video: Scap push up

Set up: hands underneath your shoulders, fingers spread out, belly button pulled in towards your spine, on your toes in a high plank position.

Movement: Start by pushing tall through your shoulders and separating your shoulder blades, maintain your core position. Now pull your shoulder blades in together, then push apart again.

bodyweight strength, scap push-up, gymnastics
Scap push up

Crab Pike Through

Video: Crab to Pike through

Set up: hands just outside hip width, fingers pointing outward, push shoulders down towards the floor to create space under your butt.

Movement: Open through your chest and press hips up to the ceiling into a crab, pause for a moment the pull hips back down and pull through between forearms.

Strength and Core exercises

Pike Handstand Push up

Video: Pike Handstand Push-up

Set up: hands shoulder-width apart, up on your toes, walk feet in so that hips are high. Mark a spot on the floor in front of your fingers creating a triangle, your head is going to travel to this spot on the floor.

Movement: Shift your weight slightly forward, head neutral, bent your elbows and bring your head down to the spot you marked, let the top of your head lightly contact the floor. Without losing tension, press back out finishing with hips high and pushing tall through shoulders.

Floor Row

Video: Floor Row

Set up: lying on your back with arms stretched up to the ceiling. Focus on keep neck neutral

Movement: pull shoulder blades back and down away from your ears, bend elbows like you are doing a row, drive elbows into the floor and pull shoulder blades together, pause to feel the contraction. Ensure you’re not curling neck up to create movement.

Single leg squat

Video: Single leg squat

Set up: balance on one leg, foot flat on the floor,

Movement: Start in balance position, focus on weight going through the middle of your foot throughout the entire movement, if you feel your weight shifting into ball of the foot, stop at this point. With a small hinge at the hip, bend the knee and keep your chest up. Squat down to your bottom position while maintaining the opposite leg high.

bodyweight strength, gymnastics
Single leg squat

Seated compression

It wouldn’t be bodyweight strength without a little compression work 😉

Video: Seated single-leg compression

Set up: Seated on the floor with your legs out straight and hands beside your thighs.

Movement: Sitting up straight, with a tall spine, hinge forward to the point of a slight hamstring stretch. Maintain position, compress through your core, hips, and quads pulling your leg or legs off the floor towards your chest.

Get familiar with all your bodyweight strength movements and maximise your time at home.

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