Semi Private Group Training.

The coaching style we offer, does not involve shouting or counting your repetitions. Your class experience will be intimate, professional and involve real coaching.

If all you have ever experienced in the past is a crowded class, choreographed routines and generic cues.. well you are in for a treat.

Get ready to be delighted by attention to detail, carefully selected progression and results.

We are able to take adults with no prior experience and get them balancing on their hands without a wall or pulling their bodies over the rings.

You can expect to leave your weekly sessions feeling empowered to conquer your goals and wanting more.



Picture the strength of a gymnast. Strong, lean and able to move their body through some impressive positions. Upper, lower body and core, building your base for all the gymnastics skills you want to learn.



Build your handstands from your wrists all the way up to your toes with mobility, stability, core and alignment exercises. We also understand that handstands are a foundation in gymnastics and also important for your holiday beach snaps.



The focus of the session is to leave you feeling long and limber. Stretch out your shoulders, hips, wrists and ankles with a whole hour dedicated to flexibility.


Bodyweight Sweat.

Get your heart rate up and your sweat on with a gymnastics twist. As with any well-rounded training program, cardiovascular fitness can’t be left behind.


Hang Skills.

Learn skills on the bar and rings. This class is all about strict and dynamic skills under and over the bar: levers, muscle ups, glide kips, pullovers and more.


New To Dalecki Strength Gymnastics?

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Step 3- Start training.


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