Semi-Private Classes.

Leave behind your repetitive and uninspiring training. Get body confident and learn impressive skills.

Most adult gymnastics places are a novelty play activity, without
structured progressions for inexperienced adults.

We have a specifically designed program that caters to the needs of the adult who is a working professional and needs to learn everything from scratch.

Sculpt your body

Touch your

Balance your handstand

Our classes.


Ring Strong

Women lunging with dumbells

Get Strong

Women stretching

Get Flexy

Women doing handstand in park

Handstand Balancing

Women doing press handstand

Press Handstand

Woman tumbling


Class Descriptions

Ring Strong

Get the arms and core of a gymnast with ring class. Taking upper body strength to a whole new level. Building general strength pull ups, push ups, dips, to muscle ups, front and back levers, or even a backward roll to support. Get Strong class is a great compliment as strength is essential for learning more complex ring skills.

Get Strong

Your whole body will be burning in the best possible way with a full body strength class. This is not only a great base building but also a great compliment to all the other classes. Build a strong, resilient body. All levels are welcome.

Get Flexy

Our hugely popular Flex class, it's not your average stretch class. Building true flexibility also requires end range strength work. This class will leave you feeling stretched out and worked out. All levels welcome.

Handstand Balancing

The name says it all, learn to balance on your hands.
As a beginner you would be learning to kick up using a wall, spotter and tonnes of other drills helping you build confidence while inverted.
Intermediate to advanced are perfecting your balance drills, starting with a short hold of 3-10 second then building up.
Our most advanced handstand balancers are holding handstands for 1 min + and learning to transition between different shapes.
All levels are welcome.

Press Handstands

Taking handstands to the next level. Once you have a solid handstand base you will be on your quest for a press. Press handstands are a strength and skill element, so they make your handstands even stronger. Straddle, tuck and pike pressing are development goals in this class.
*Prerequisite- 10 second free standing handstand.

Get Jumping

A mix of plyo, power and acro. Learn the mechanics of take offs, landing and develop strength and power needed for tumbling. This class is vital for building up tolerance to the sensation of twisting and spinning. Skill focus is on rolls, cartwheels and roundoffs. This class is a must for anyone wanting to tumble.


Progress from the foundations built in plyo class. Once you have mastered the minimum requirements and execution for rolls, handstands, power elements and cartwheels. It will be appropriate to move onto handsprings, aerials and flips.


We understand that many group training programs out there get boring very quickly.


We know exactly what it takes to get a strong and flexible body while loving training.

Group Training

Gain strength, body confidence, flexibility & time for you.

Some people are worried about committing to a fitness pursuit and we know why. Commitment implies loss and gain.

At Dalecki Strength you gain strength, body confidence, flexibility and claim time for self care.

To do this you need to be willing to say no to events you never wanted to attend, stop working the unpaid overtime and stop
skipping the gym.


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