Are you doing the Leaning Tower of Pisa Handstand?

It’s a common story, with your best efforts trying to practice a handstand balance but every time you kick up your body finds that banana position which forces your weight to shift or “fall” then chase using your arms. Everyone is different and restrictions vary greatly but we can be certain the one or more these apply if you struggle to balance a handstand.

Problems with your handstand

1. You’ve spent many more hours practicing your walk but nowhere near as many on balancing.

2. Your wrist, shoulder and or thoracic mobility isn’t allowing you to straighten your body.

3. Your core strength is lacking, core work is boring right? We don’t think it has to be…for fun easy to follow programs click here

4. You can hollow on the floor but not upside-down

5. You may not understand what you need to feel or look for when practicing handstands.

Solutions for your handstand

1. Spend more time on handstands, take a break from walking for a while. Practicing both can cause confusion and prolong the journey

2. Dedicate 15min/day to stretching, we have some very effective flexibility techniques which are too difficult to explain in email. You will make amazing progress from stretching daily after training, holding positions for 90 sec or more.

3. Core, it needs to be done, a strong core is the foundation of gymnastics. Without it you will always cut yourself short.

4. Get more comfortable hollowing in various positions, push up position, all the way up a wall walk, hanging, standing. Teach your body to find the position on cue.

5. Get a coach to teach you the basics and understand what you need to look for. Keep an eye out for an upcoming ebook on handstands.