Meet the Team.

Dalecki Strength’s core is Kathryn and Evelina Dalecki, co-founders and highly regarded athletes in Australia. A Sister’s idea in 2014 has muscled up to new heights with the program taking off and a new studio opening in 2019. The new space and new classes means the team is looking to expand. Could you be the next coach to join the team?


Kathryn Dalecki

Co-founder of Dalecki Strength

Gymnastics has been a part of my life since I was 8, the age I was told I was “too old” to pursue it. This is a lie that people continue believing at almost every stage of their lives. The studio we have created is concrete proof that this simply isn’t true.

You are not too old to start gymnastics at age 8, 20, 40 or 50. The age of students at our studio ranges between 30- 50+ and age does not matter. The factors that actually contribute to success in adult gymnastics are all ones within your control. 

-Showing up and being coachable

-Being consistent

-Commitment to self improvement
If you’ve got these qualities, you are exactly who we’d love to work with!

As a new mum, my current goals are building consistency in my training routine, re gaining my stalder press and working on my hamstring flexibility.


Evelina Dalecki

Co-founder of Dalecki Strength

I started gymnastics at the age of 4 and I absolutely loved it. When I gave up the competitive side of things there was definitely something missing from my life. After dabbling in different areas of fitness industry, something always pulled me back to gymnastics. Even though high level competing was off the table, “training like a gymnast” had to be an option. 

Since there was nothing like it in the market, Kat and I decided to create our own training programs and eventually our studio. 

The best thing about Dalecki Strength is the type of students it attracts. The culture is supportive and you really know that everyone has your back. The coaching team you can see on this page is truly the best in Sydney.

My current goals are to build the best adult gymnastics training experience in both face to face and online. In the studio I am working on balancing a one arm handstand for 30s on each side. 

Dalecki_SEP_headshots_andrew 2

Andrew Park

Gymnastics skill training can be difficult to approach for adults, which is what makes Dalecki Strength such a unique training center.

Protocols used for children who are still growing and developing compared to fully grown adults are fundamentally different and therefore require a different approach.

I’m here to help adult members to achieve their strength and skill goals safely without unnecessary time wasted. I personally wasted so much time myself going through trial and errors with my own training.

I know how frustrating it is. I’m more than thrilled and greatly motivated to help our members achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective way. 

My training goals for 2023 include iron cross using only my middle fingers and 100kg weighted dip!


Tyson Edwards

I’m a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach with a background in Olympic Weightlifting and calisthenics and have been coaching at Dalecki Strength since 2019. Outside of the gym, I’m an actor with my own YouTube channel which features both fun and training content. Part of the reason I love gymnastics is its versatility. The raw strength of a planche, the beauty of a perfectly balanced handstand, the control to lower into a middle split … Gymnastics skills are fun to train on their own and have high transferability to other movements! My favourite domain is heavyweight calisthenics: iron cross, front lever, and planche are among my go-to training movements.

My ideal clients are consistent and curious about their training and how to progress – just as importantly, they like to have some fun and are always up for a laugh.



Ana Easton

Though I have a very diverse training background, coming to gymnastics as an adult really unlocked a new world for me. Gymnastics is endlessly engaging, offering new (and, let’s be real here: epic) skills to pursue, as well as ways of moving and playing that are both fun and challenging. It demands you confront and overcome areas of weakness to achieve a more balanced and capable athleticism, which I love!

My main gymnastic passions are strength (it unlocks so many doors!) and hand balancing; I love helping people discover the joy of playing around upside down! I’m also a writer and a med student. 

Dalecki_SEP_headshots_lea_3 2

Lea Chiu

My name’s Lea and my passion lies with empowering others to learn, grow and thrive through physical practice. 

My Coaching expertise is with marrying strength, skill and mobility training with sport performance (at a professional or an enthusiast level). I have a background in injury prevention and rehabilitation; weight training; and calisthenics/gymnastics strength training.

I don’t count myself as just another Coach promising quick fixes or magic pills to get you there. My realism to all my clients is to expect to put the work in, and have discipline and patience to achieve your goals. My mission is to empower you with knowledge (cultivate your brain not just your body), and give you the tools to train sustainably and recover optimally.


Lisa Koivunen

I’m from Finland and I love living in Australia at the moment. I got into gymnastics because I wanted to learn how to do a backflip. From there I started exploring other flips and stunting.

I quickly noticed that once you start anything in the gymnastics discipline, you find out how broad it is. I got really interested in calisthenics, gymnastics and handstands, which I have done for 6 years. Today my training consists of martial arts, tumbling, handstands and I am very committed to getting my middle split, it’s my 2023 goal. 

What I love about Dalecki Strength. is the quality of the programs and that it combines all the forms of training that I’m passionate into one gym. I also love the culture of the gym.

- If I had to choose my favorite class to teach, I really couldn't!!



Amelia Chew

Gymnastics has been part of my life for most of it. Having started acrobatic gymnastics as a kid, I never stopped and today, I train myself in developing hand balancing, tumbling and general acrobatic skills for performances. Sometimes you can find me in a show partnered up with another Dalecki Strength coach, Josh! I love learning new skills and helping others find fun and sustainable paths to their own goals. 

When not coaching classes at Dalecki, I’m always excited to seek out active adventures – think things like chasing waterfalls, scuba diving and hiking in beautiful places. 

I love working with clients who are interested in learning new things… particularly people who are motivated and determined to achieve their goals!


Micha Peyretti

When I was very young, the gymnastics space was my second home for several years. Regardless of age, gymnastics is in everything we do, from standing up to sitting down; it is a discipline that teaches the values of hard-core dedication and body awareness.

Even though it is considered as an extremely tough sport, that only some are able to perform, gymnastics skills are for everyone: they only require more mental concentration. Fear plays a big role in this sport and that’s the beauty: it shouldn’t become an obstacle, but an incentive to find courage and push your limits beyond your comfort zone. Throughout my coaching experiences, I have witnessed impressive results from all ages, independently of physical aesthetics.

Outside of gymnastics and coaching, I am a model, actor and film writer. I recently graduated from University with a film and philosophy degree. 


Dalecki_SEP_headshots_josh 2

Josh Croall

I have spent the last ten years combining my training with circus acrobatics, gymnastics, and calisthenics which has helped me develop my own unique coaching style. 

I’m working towards balancing in a one-arm handstand for one minute. I’m passionate about working with clients to achieve their goals and helping them push the limits of their training. I love working with determined, goal-driven clients who prioritize training and health as their main priorities. 

Romain 2

Romain Hassanin

I am a dancer, performer and exercise physiologist. When I am not on the road travelling for my shows, I coach students at Dalecki Strength Gymnastics. 

What I find the most interesting about gymnastics is that it allows me to focus more on a creative tumbling style, so it's not so much ‘gymnastics’ that I’m drawn to, but what is inside gymnastics overall, which is working on skills (that require focus, discipline and unfortunately patience) and then using those skills to complement some of my other practices.

In my spare time you could probably catch me rollerblading or practising parkour.

Venue Hire.

Personal Trainers
Are you a Personal Trainer in need of a functional space to train your clients? Our space is the perfect set up for calisthenics, bodyweight and gymnastics style training.

  • Full gym set up with bars
  • Rings
  • Parallel bars
  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbells
  • Boxes
  • Crashmat and airtrack + more.

We have a great weekly rate available for the right person.

Events + Photoshoots
With plenty of natural light, inner west warehouse feel perfect for photoshoots or seminars.


25 Euston Rd
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