Our community is made up of fun, adventurous and generally awesome humans. They tell us that they don’t enjoy the regular gym. Instead, they would rather play, challenge themselves mentally and physically take instruction from a knowledgeable coach.

If this sounds like you, you will probably enjoy yourself here. Read the descriptions below to see which of our membership options would suit your lifestyle.

Training Options.

Adult Gymnastics Training.



Billed upfront
  • 12 class pass
  • Excludes Tumbling

8 week expiry 

Your next couple of months may be uncertain. Your training shouldn’t be, a class pass is your best option to look after your health now without a long term commitment.


$61/Week + GST

Billed Fortnightly
  • 3 Class
  • 2 Open Gym
  • Includes Essentials, Specialty & Holds

6 Month Term


$89/Week + GST

Billed Fortnightly
  • 8 Class
  • Unlimited Open Gym
  • Includes Essentials, Specialty & Holds

6 Month Term


$35/Week + GST

Upfront for school term
  • 1 Class
  • Unlimted Open Gym
  • Includes Essentials, Specialty & Holds

School Term


Our full-time membership option is for those that are all in!

This is you if:

  • You’ve experienced the effect that gymnastics has on your body (or want to), and love it!
  • You’re consistent with class attendance and you’re working towards a bunch of impressive flexibility, strength and skill goals.
  • You enjoy the full range of classes that we offer and want to attend everything from our essentials to our more advanced tumbling, handstand and hang skills classes.

This option is for you if you get a massive benefit from gymnastics, and like it to carry over to the other sports and activities you do.

The part-time membership will allow you to attend a range of our essentials classes each week, give you the opportunity to practice skills and do additional work in open gym, but still leave you time for the other sports and activities you might do.

Or you might simply be new to gymnastics and would rather start out on a part-time membership and graduate to full-time later on!

If you’d like to get a little taste of gymnastics, check out the studio, and experience our way of training, you can begin with a starter pack.

This will allow you to try out any one of our essentials classes each week. You can mix it up and have a go at flexibility, strength, core, handstands and bodyweight sweat! You can also come in for one open gym session per week and practice what you learned in class or work towards a new skill or strength goal.

Each member, new or existing, is introduced to our way of training through an induction session. These are important and compulsory for everybody.

To book in for our next induction session, or to have a chat with one of our coaches, fill out your details below and we’ll be in touch!


New To Dalecki Strength Gymnastics?

Start Your One Week Unlimited Class Trial.

Classes include: Strength - Body Weight Sweat - Flexibility - Core - Rings - Tumbling - Handstands


Unit 36 E Fitzroy St
NSW 2204