Transform Your Body with Gymnastics Online.

Helping Adults learn Gymnastics.

Most people looking to learn gymnastics online are overwhelmed by too much choice and fed up with inconsistent results.

Our online programs are beginner friendly and suitable for anyone looking to get strong, flexible and learn skills.

Online training

Easy to follow programs.

You will have each training week mapped out for you with exercises, reps, sets and video demos.


Get results.

Complex skills will be broken down into easier progressions getting you there step by step.

Online training

Save you the hassle.

Show up to your session with a plan. Say goodbye to random sessions.


Most online programs have unachievable prerequisites making it difficult to even get started.

  • First 10sec handstand balance
  • First pull up
  • First press to handstand from scratch

Training Options.

Adult Gymnastics Training.

Gymnastics Training at home or gym

Beginner to Intermediate

$12 per week + GST

- Strength
- Handstands
- Sweat

3 days per week
Option to do bodyweight
or with equipment



Beginner to Intermediate

$249 + GST

- HS skill
- HS conditioning
- HS corrections

12 week program
3 days per week


Personalised Program

Suitable for all levels and experience

From 75/week + GST

- Rings skills
- Handstands
- Flexibility

3-5 days per week.
Program include face to face or zoom check ins

Online Program steps

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