Transform Your Body with Gymnastics Online.

Helping Adults learn Gymnastics.

Most people looking to learn gymnastics online are overwhelmed by too much choice and fed up with inconsistent results.

Our online programs are beginner friendly and suitable for anyone looking to get strong, flexible and learn skills.

Online training

Easy to follow programs.

You will have each training week mapped out for you with exercises, reps, sets and video demos.


Get results.

Complex skills will be broken down into easier progressions getting you there step by step.

Online training

Save you the hassle.

Show up to your session with a plan. Say goodbye to random sessions.


Most online programs have unachievable prerequisites making it difficult to even get started.

  • First 10sec handstand balance
  • First pull up
  • First press to handstand from scratch

Training Options.

Adult Gymnastics Training.

Handstand Like a Gymnast Beginner

Complete beginner

$99 + GST

6 week training program for complete beginners.

This program will suit you if you are new to handstands and training. 

The focus is on strength and conditioning in the wrists, shoulders and upper back. Positions are scaled back and give you a safe and controlled introduction to handstand basics.

26th in depth video tutorials
Instruction manual
6 week program with every rep and set prescribed, along with a short demonstration video clip.


Handstand like a Gymnast Intermediate

Intermediate Level

$119 + GST

Learn to handstand from home with this comprehensive, progressive and detailed 6 week plan for intermediate students.

This program will suit you if you can have basic conditioning of wrists, shoulders and general body weight body strength. 

Specifically you should be able to hold a chest to wall handstand for 30-45s. 
You should be comfortable attempting wall pulls in both chest to wall and back to wall.
You must have the confidence to attempt a handstand without the wall. 

This program is designed to help you develop control in your kick up and freestanding balance. You will learn different shapes in this program.


Personalised Program

Suitable for all levels and experience

$1200 + GST

Fully personalised programming for your goals. 

Program Design
Weekly coaching
3 x face to face sessions

100% tailored to your level and your goals. 
Mobility, handstands, rings or bar work can be catered to.

This plan is thorough, detailed and intensive.

It requires dedication and therefore is by application only. 

Online Training

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