What does your grip strength say about your overall strength?

Grip strength is a great predictor of overall strength and endurance. Training grip strength becomes especially important on bar and rings, therefore it should be given the attention it deserves. 💪🏋️‍♀️

Why is grip strength important?

It’s a simple answer, grip strength should not be the limiting factor in your strength movements or skills. If you can’t hold on to the bar any longer, your ability to complete a skill is irrelevant.

In our gym we train with this in mind, building grip strength alongside skill to ensure grip strength is constantly improving especially as skill difficulty and training volume increases.

Ways in which you can improve grip strength is through all hanging and gripping movements.

For example:

  • Bar or ring hang
  • Single-arm hangs and switches
  • KB Farmers carry or hold
  • Plate pinch hold
  • Pull ups
  • Leg raises

A fun way to train grip strength

Grip strength can be monotonous to train if you are just hanging, by changing up sequences and exercises you can keep things interesting while gradually increasing the time spent in a hang. On occasion, we push the mental strength of our members and ask them for a max effort hang, other times we find a more enjoyable way is through sequences of movements. 

Try this: 
3-5 rounds Bar hang 10-20sec Pull up 3-6 reps Hanging SA switches 10-20sec Strict leg raise 3-6 reps.

Test your max hang, start training and progressively overloading your hang then re-test.

Happy Hanging! 

We look forward to seeing you in the gym!

– Dalecki Strength